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Improve Brand Image by Gifting Promotional Luggage like Travel Pouches

Want to take your brand up and close to your target audience? Consider giving away custom personalized luggage items like a travel pouch. Despite the advent of videoconferencing, executives still need to travel for business. Turn such travel occasions to your advantage by gifting promotional luggage items to your recipients. Here are some ideas for you…

  • Celebrate Client Acquisition: It’s a great idea to show your gratitude towards your new clients by giving away custom personalized luggage items to their decision makers and influencers. This will project the image of your business in favorable light, right from the onset of this relationship. Travel pouches are of practical value to high level corporate executives.

  • Star Performers: Reward your star employees with a promotional luggage item. Employees who earn outstanding appraisal ratings could be gifted with travel pouches. The same goes for top performing resellers and affiliates.

  • Special Offers: If you are a retailer who also sells products like suitcases, briefcases etc. among other products, you can offer certain custom personalized luggage items free with particular products. Such offers can be tried out when the demand for these products is low. The promotional luggage items would have your logo imprinted on them. Not only would they let you clear the stock, you would get handy publicity too.

Use these and more ideas as you order promotional travel pouches from MyPromoShop.