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Artwork Submission

Artwork Submission to MyPromoShop; quick and hassle-free!

To send your artwork to MyPromoShop.com, just reply to the confirmation e-mail we send you after you've placed your order and attach your art file. If you have a hard copy of your artwork, just fax it to the fax number that appears on the order confirmation screen. FREE Print-Ready Art... Save $50!

If you don't have print-ready artwork... no problem! After placing your order, simply e-mail your artwork or send it to us on disk and we will create print-ready art on your one-color logo for FREE! Most competitors charge up to $50 for this service. We can also produce print-ready artwork from your business card, computer-generated art, or faxed art. If faxing your art, please enlarge your logo as big as possible for better reproduction. FREE Paper Proof of Your Imprint

Before your order goes into production, you will receive a FREE e-mail or faxed paper proof of your imprint for final approval. We will ensure that your order will be produced accurately.

You can also e-mail your artwork to your Customer Care Representative who will contact you promptly after we receive your order.

If you have any questions at all about the process, just give us a call toll-free on 1-866-319-9166.


Artwork File Formats

For most accurate product sample and finished product results, use artwork saved in Adobe Illustrator .eps file format. Bitmap (.bmp, .jpg, .tif) files may also be used. For other file formats, contact us at 866-319-9166 or click here to email us.

Your artwork will be handled personally by a member of our art team. They have the experience required to make sure everything turns out just like you imagined it! Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Even though we prefer vector art, we have the latest in software and technology so we can open just about any file type out there. Below are some of the most common file types:

Software File Type Suggested Preparation
Adobe Acrobat .pdf Embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps
Adobe Illustrator .ai, .eps Convert text to outlines, embed linked images and save as version
10 or lower Corel Draw .cdr Convert text to curves
Microsoft Office Files .doc, .ppt, .pub Embed or include fonts
Bitmaps (Scans, faxes, web images etc) .jpg, .tif, .pcx, .gif, .png, .bmp Send as is

If the type of file you have doesn't appear on this list, just send what you have and we'll do our very best to make it work!


Uploading Artwork

From your disk

The Logo Studio gives you access to the file navigation controls in your computer's operating system to find and select graphics. Files may be located on a floppy disk, hard disk or CD-ROM connected to your computer/network. If you're having trouble locating your graphic, use your computer's find feature to confirm its location, then return to the Logo Studio to select it.


From Art Library

Your MyPromoShop.com Logo Locker stores and displays your graphic files. Any of these graphics may be viewed in thumbnail format and selected for use in new projects. If you don't see the artwork you are looking for in the Saved Artwork section of your Project Folder, it may still be located on your local computer/network.


Preparing Artwork

Traps, Chokes and Bleeds
For special imprinting requirements call your MyPromoShop Specialist at 866-319-9166 or click here to email us.


Entering PMS Information

Accurate color information may be entered in the Verify Color field using the Pantone Matching System. Enter each PMS color code on a separate line (no commas or other delimiters are required)


Image Resolution Issues

For most accurate photo sample results in the Logo Studio:
• Set your display color palette to 16 or 24-bit
• If using a bitmap image, set its file area to at least 600 x 600 pixels


Selecting Decoration Methods

Only the decoration/printing methods available for the product you have chosen will be available to you in Design Studio. For example, engraving will not be an option for any fabric apparel items. For special decoration requests, contact us at 866-319-9166 or click here to email us.


Uploading Large Files

You may upload files up to 3MB in size. To use larger files, contact us at 866-319-9166 or click here to email us.


About Color

Pantone v. RGB v. Spot
The MyPromoShop.com Logo Studio enables you to input color information using the Pantone Matching System. Input PMS data in the Verify Colors field provided.


Saving Art to your Project Folder

Your Project Locker stores images of your decorated products. To save a project, click save from the logo studio. Name the project and the folder where you would like it to be stored. Select save and return to Logo studio to continue working on the project, or save and quote to receive a quote for the project.